24×7 Remote Management and Monitoring

Picture of a monitoring dashboard

If a tree falls in an empty forest, does anyone hear it?

IF a server falls at 3am, will your users notice when they start work that day? Computer Support Service would like the answer to this to be no.

Implementing a monitoring system is simple. However, designing a monitoring and management solution is more complex.  Computer Support Services have managed, monitored and maintained environments as small as three servers to large environments with over 3000 separate endpoints including workstations and servers.  We know that down time of servers and workstations can mean a loss of productivity, embarrassment when deadlines are missed and ultimately damage to your bottom line.

We take a user centric approach to monitoring.  Here are just some of the questions we ask.

  1. What is the impact to users if a service is unavailable.
  2. What servers, networks, storage and processes are required for each service.
  3. What are the errors or warnings that a service might present before a problem affects users? What errors or warnings will it present when the service is unavailable?
  4. Who is responsible for each component that is required for the availability of the service.
  5. Who needs to be informed when a component required to provide a service is unavailable, over utilized or encountering unexpected errors.

Based on these questions we define the following plans:

  1. Automated recovery when possible. We integrate our monitoring with all standard services such as Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, IIS, Hyper-V, VMware, Exchange, SharePoint and even cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure so that your management and monitoring isn’t just checking available ports, it is checking and automatically correcting service issues.
  2. Real-time alerting by Email and via mobile notification. When a problem has been resolved or if a service is unavailable, you need those responsible to be informed at any time of the day or night.
  3. Remote execution of scripts, applications or tasks. If an application upgrade is needed, do not affect users during business hours.  Script the deployment and execute it out of hours while also retaining full progress visibility of the task.

Talk to us about the monitoring solution that suits you.  The system that we implement provides enterprise level features however, Computer Support Services can offer very affordable pricing.